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    Beachhead adhering to the artisan spirit

    Craftmenship (Since 1995, the founder of Beachhead spent 10 years launching the American market, with the best quality products, the attention to detail craftmenship, we are able to maintain close cooperations with many American top of the line companies. 

    After the successful event of development brand new products in a world wide scale, Beachhead has finally reached a completely new era, and became a very in depth customaztion fashion brand. A new beginning has appeared.  

    Every piece of material, every single design of the parts, every single decision making on the colours, reflects one's personality and its within. The love we have for beauty is only human nature, to  be able to put our own definition of beauty into deisgns, onto a customized bag,  would be such a wonderful experience.

    What is the spirit of craftsman
    The connotation of craftsman spirit mainly includes three aspects:
    1、excellence: pay attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection and perfection, at the expense of time and energy, and repeatedly improve the product, the 99% increased to 99.99%;
    2、dedicated to work: the spirit of the artisan spirit is to create the industry's best quality products, the most outstanding product quality.
    3、professional focus: continuous improvement of products and services, because the focus on persistence, true craftsman in the professional field will never stop excellence, neither the use of materials, design and production process, have been in the continuous improvement in the negative.

    What is a craftsman
    What is the craftsman, we recommend a representative occupation, do mechanical craftsmen, known to all: watch the internal mechanical structure is very complex, and small parts of trivial, arranged between mechanical and mechanical stacked scale to hold very cautious, the most difficult is the parts of a clock with the naked eye can not see, so we need to use a variety of instruments, there is a hand not shake, once the slight jitter, can make a small part of the installation failed: see, this is a typical craftsmen work.
    History and craftsman of bags
    Bag industry is a typical traditional industry, in China only 20 years of industrial production history, in fact, China's suitcase and Bag Handmade history is very long, the spirit of the bag is very long.

    Beachhead craftsman spirit
    Beachhead brand culture: with the dedication of the artisan spirit
    Since 1995, the founder of Chinese beach for 10 years into the U.S. market, in the process of many years and American clients, for lean production process, excellent quality competitiveness of the entire United States landing bags Market, so as to maintain close cooperation for many years and American brands.
    Beachhead personality customization: professional focus on the spirit of craftsman
    After 3 years of development, after 3 revision, customized platform - June 7, 2016 beachhead I customization platform officially launched, on the same day, in Shanghai, and the Chinese national team at the beach China Rio Olympics bag sponsorship signing ceremony.

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